Arctic Resources


ARC have had a very productive Summer in Greenland, working well with their main partners to complete all planned exploration and development activities on time and within budget. We have made significant progress in better understanding both the exploration potential and existing resources at both projects. Detailed technical reports will be available in Q4 and the conclusions from these will be used to develop the work programmes for 2017.

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Arctic Resources

Iceland is in a unique position to become the central point of a range of Arctic activities. In Iceland, there is a highly educated workforce; remote area experience and infrastructure as well as various services industries that are not always available in more remote Arctic areas.

ARC is interested in building up a variety of service industries in Iceland to serve the companies working in the Arctic. Our vision is clear: We believe Iceland is an excellent option to become the service center for the Arctic, and through it’s JV’s ARC is well positioned to become one of the key parties to achieve that goal.

ARC has already established projects with a long operational history; high grade mineralization and exceptional upside potential in South and West Greenland. Both licenses have an exploitation rights and are on track to commence production in 2018. ARC has participated in research projects that aim to extract minerals from projects in a profitable, safe and environmentally symbiotic way.