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ARC is an integrated mining company focusing on exploitation of high-grade mineral resources in Greenland with easy access, infrastructure and great upside potential. ARC was founded in 2012 by a group of Icelandic and British individuals, companies and family offices and management with strong track record in the resource sector & turnaround of companies. ARC leverages regional knowledge and experience of operations and logistics in the Arctic environment. Through a joint venture with FBC Mining, ARC has a project, the Maarmorilik zinc-lead mine, in proven areas with exceptional upside potential in Greenland. ARC creates value through providing services and cost management in Greenland and joint venturing with exceptional partners.


ARC management team has previously founded and successfully managed resource companies. By Leveraging Icelandic and Arctic know-how and expertise, the team has successfully brought the assets into the next stage of development. ARC management has retained key geological and operational personnel with long experience in the mining industry and in managing and operating the Maarmorilik Zinc mine.


ARC has formed long-term relationships with industry leading consultants who have been assisting extensively on both projects as ARC focuses on recommencing production in its cornerstone projects in Maarmorilik. ARC is interested in building up a variety of service industries in Iceland to serve the companies working in the Arctic. Our vision is clear: We believe Iceland is an excellent option to become a service center for the Arctic, and through partnerships, ARC is well positioned to become one of the key parties to achieve that goal.

SRK Consulting
Cartwright Drilling
Aurum Global Exploration
Arctic Resources


ARC location in Iceland gives it a ideal gateway to Greenland

Iceland is in a unique position to become the central point of a range of Arctic activities. In Iceland, with highly educated workforce; remote area experience and infrastructure as well as various services industries that are not always available in more remote Arctic areas.

ARC has already established projects with a long operational history; high-grade mineralization and exceptional upside potential in South and West Greenland. Both licenses have exploitation rights and are on track to commence production in 2018. ARC has participated in research projects that aim to extract minerals from projects in a profitable, safe and environmentally symbiotic way.

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We at ARC would like to hear from those who have interest in our activities and those who are working on projects related to the Arctic. We are interested in working together with companies and people who want to strengthen the ties between Iceland, Greenland and other places in the Arctic. We believe that cooperation can make the road wider for everyone.

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