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The mineral industry has always viewed Greenland as one of the last true frontier exploration provinces in the world and with a focus on responsible exploration and exploitation of the potential mineral resources there, ARC is uniquely positioned to assist and take a lead. The management of ARC has extensive geological and operational expertise and takes advantage of this differentiator in order to progress opportunities through logistics and execution capacity toward development of resources. Icelandic expertise in operating in challenging circumstances facilities ARC to leverage when working in the Arctic. Therefor ARC can operate in a area which has an unique barrier to entry when exploring and developing mineral resources in the Arctic region.

Maarmorilik Zinc District

Well known area of exceptionally high grade zinc-lead mineralisation with more than 200 mineralised showings in the area and grab samples grade more than 40% zinc with exploitation licence in place.

There is a long successful mining history in the Black Angel mine in the Maarmorilik Zinc District – a total of 11.2 Mt grading 12.6% zinc and 4.1% lead mined over 17 years.

With upcoming zinc mine closures globally, zinc price is expected to increase in the coming future by most analysts. Substantial exploration potential around current infrastructure will allow fast track to production, infrastructure in place includes, harbor, camp buildings, hangars, 6km long underground tunnel in Nunngarut Plateau.

  • 11.2 Mt of 12.6% Zinc and 4.1% lead mined in 17 years
  • Substantial infrastructure already in place
  • More than 200 mineralised showings in the area
  • IP study completed in 2015 to define drilling targets
  • Projected production commencing in 2018
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The Arctic is a growing area for businesses needing services that are not always present in the immediate vicinity. Good infrastructure and services are one of the largest growth areas within the Arctic region as some of the worlds largest companies look to grow their presence in the region in order to access the abundant natural resources present there. Iceland has the unique position of having some of the most sophisticated infrastructure and services in the Arctic region and given its geographic location.

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We at ARC would like to hear from those who have an interest in our activities and those who are working on projects related to the Arctic. We are interested in working together with companies and people who want to strengthen the ties between Iceland, Greenland and other places in the Arctic. We believe that cooperation can make the road wider for everyone.

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